Thursday, March 3, 2011

Store List And Schedule

One of the first things we should lay out for our readers is which stores we are going to focus on each week so you'll know if our methods will be helpful to you or not!

Leslie and I are both living in Lansing, IL, a suburb south of Chicago. I think most of the stores we're going to focus on are national, but some are regional, and of course even on the national ones, prices will differ from location to location. Heck, we have three/four Targets within reasonable driving distance of our homes and the prices on products vary at each of those locations! So as with any deal on the internet, your mileage may vary. Overall though, these are the stores you're going to find us focusing on most frequently for deal-making purposes:

Target (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)
Walgreens (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)
CVS (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)

Jewel-Osco (typical sales week is Thurs - Wed)

Stores we may focus on from time to time, or as we get more demand for them:

Strack and Van Til (typical sales week is Thurs - Wed)
Ultra Foods (typical sales week is Thurs - Wed)
K-Mart (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)
Meijer's (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)
plus any assorted stores we happen to spot a deal at, of course!

Although we don't tend to make 'deals' at these stories because we've found that you generally get a better deal at the above stores, we will also occasionally compare prices (such as on staple items) to these stores:

Wal-Mart (typical sales week is Sun - Sat)
Sam's Club (generally doesn't run sales; bulk warehouse)
Aldi (typical sales week is Wed - Tues)

Plus it's always nice to know if you're beating the "we like to tell you you'll get great deals here!" stores. ;)

This post may be edited if we make changes to our lists of stores we focus on. If a store you love isn't on the list, please let us know! We will do our best to focus on deals at the stores our readers frequent!

So it is likely you'll see the most posts from us on Thursdays and Sundays, since those are the days the bulk of the stores start their sales! We'll try to keep an eye out for the best deals twice a week and post as quickly as possible so you have the maximum amount of time to snag the goodies!

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