Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freebies Of The Week Posts: How They Work Here

Our freebie posts follow a "green, yellow, red" system. Regardless of your skill level, rest assured that we will hold your hand and give you explicit instructions every step of the way. Take a look and decide what level you are most comfortable with!

Your green, or beginner, freebies will involve very minimal work, such as clipping or printing one coupon and heading to the store. Mere seconds of your time and VERY simple to follow and understand. Voila, free item(s)! These deals will always involve either a coupon from the Sunday paper coupon inserts or an easily accessed "print at home off the internet" coupon.

Your yellow, or intermediate, freebies will involve a little more work but are still fairly easy to follow. Some examples:
*You may need to cut out both a manufacturer's and store coupon for the same item
*You may need to spend money to get a printed coupon at the register (such as with Walgreen's Register Rewards program or CVS's Extra Care Bucks), to be used at a future time, rendering the item essentially 'free'
*You may need coupons from specialized sources to get these freebies, such as in-home mailings that some folks may have received or All You magazine (a great source for coupons each month!)
*you may need to bring in ads from competitor stores for a price match in order to get the item for free with coupons
These deals will, for the most part, still be fairly easy but will involve slightly more work and a little more understanding of the couponing world on your part.

Your red, or expert, freebies will involve more time and a stronger understanding of the couponing world. These are the deals that will involve things like:
*multiple transactions to get a great deal
*'rolling' of coupons / rewards (if you don't know what 'rolling' means, don't worry! we will explain exactly what you have to do when these deals pop up)
*rebates that you have to mail away for
*clearance deals that may only be available at select stores
*smartphone coupons
and more.

Even though we will make this as easy as possible, you can't take advantage of many of these great deals unless you are getting and saving your Sunday coupon fliers!! Keep them somewhere safe in date order; we will tell you exactly what and when to clip when it's time. 

Also, please note that we are located in the south suburbs of Chicago and that prices may vary from region to region, even at national stores. Be sure to double-check your sales ads and/or the price tags in the store(s) to be sure they match the deal before you head to the register! We do this to help people get great deals. We do not work for any of these stores or any companies affiliated with the coupons / products mentioned, and as such we have no motivation other than doing our best to help you save like we've been doing. Please use common sense while shopping, please remember we're human like you and thus not perfect, and PLEASE share your experiences (good and bad) with us and our readers! Together we can help each other prosper!

Lastly, as always, when you can - pay it forward. Please donate your extra freebies to your favorite local food pantry, shelter, or charity! Times are hard for everyone, and if you can help out by spending just a few minutes of your time, why not? :)

We wish great blessings and prosperity to you all!

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