Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ever since I started couponing last year, I've heard tales of the fabled JEWEL FREEZER DEAL DAY SALE. Get an upright freezer for 'free'! Or, more accurately, buy an upright freezer for $160 and get $160 worth of free food to put inside it. Either way you look at it, it's an awesome deal, and guess what? It's here! This is the day! (Can you tell I'm excited? LOL)

Jill Cataldo's Super Couponing (a GREAT free class you can take if you are in Chicagoland, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you have the time; Jill is fantastic) has all the details in her blog post here. Here are the highlights if you're interested in pursuing this deal:

*The freezer deal starts TOMORROW, Sunday February 27th, 2011
*Freezers are on sale for $159 and shoppers will receive a coupon booklet for $160 worth of frozen food with the purchase of the freezer (MUST HAVE PREFERRED CARD)
*It is a 5.3 cubic foot Igloo brand freezer

*Each Jewel store only gets a certain number, and when they're gone, they're GONE (I hear they tend to disappear within a couple hours at most stores)
*Stores start selling them at different times. CALL YOUR STORE FOR DETAILS. Our Munster, IN Jewel starts selling them when the store opens tomorrow at 6AM. Our South Holland, IL store is already selling them TODAY, Saturday, at the sale price with the coupon book!! It pays to make a few phone calls!

This is already a GREAT deal if you're in the market for an upright freezer, because you're essentially getting it for free. BUT you can make the deal even BETTER! Better than free? YES YOU CAN! Here's how:

1)Do you happen to have a Jewel coupon in hand for $X off your next purchase? (Sometimes these print out as catalinas, which are the little coupon machines at the register.) YOU CAN USE ONE ON THE FREEZER PURCHASE.
2) Do you happen to have a manufacturer's coupon from ANY store (it will say "manufacturer's coupon" somewhere on it) for $X off your next purchase? YOU CAN USE ONE ON THE FREEZER PURCHASE! You can even use it along WITH a store coupon if you have both! (Jewel will accept one store coupon and one manufacturer's coupon per item). If you ever get Register Rewards coupons at Walgreens, for example, THOSE ARE MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS. Jewel WILL accept them.

How do you make the deal even better if you're brand new to this and don't have ANY coupons in hand yet? Here's what you do:

Buy your freezer but DO NOT go crazy using the coupons from your coupon booklet for all that free food today. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. This is especially true in the couponing world! Save those coupons in a special place and watch our blog. The coupons you will receive when you purchase your freezer do not expire until the end of May. Over the course of the next several months, many of those products will go on a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale. That's the time to use the coupon! Go to the store, buy your two items, use the coupon, get BOTH free. One is free because of the sale, the other is free because of the coupon.

Now you are getting a freezer for $159 and potentially getting $320 worth of FREE food with it!

We will tell you every time we see one of these fantastic sales happening so if you get the freezer tomorrow (or today, if you're lucky enough to have a store that's already selling them), you'll know exactly when to use your coupons!

Be sure to check out Jill Cataldo's post above for more details; she's done this for several years now and has even more details in her post. One of her readers, a Jewel employee, even posted a list of all the coupons you'll get this year in the comments on her post.

Happy shopping!

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